Linguistic Tests for Discourse Relations

Yannick Versley, Anna Gastel


Discourse structure and discourse relations are an important ingredient in systems for the analysis
of text that go beyond the boundary of single clauses. Discourse relations often indicate important
additional information about the connection between two clauses, such as causality, and are widely
believed to have an influence on aspects of reference resolution.
In this article, we first present the general design choices that are to be made in the design of
an annotation scheme for discourse structure and discourse relations. In a second part, we present
the scheme used in our annotation of selected articles from the TüBa-D/Z treebank of German
(Telljohann et al., 2009). The scheme used in the annotation is theory-neutral, but informed by
more detailed linguistic knowledge in the way of linguistic tests that can help disambiguate between
several plausible relations.

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