Dialog History Construction with Long-Short Term Memory for Robust Generative Dialog State Tracking

Byung-Jun Lee, Kee-Eung Kim


One of the crucial components of dialog system is the dialog state tracker, which infers user’s intention from preliminary speech processing. Since the overall performance of the dialog system is heavily affected by that of the dialog tracker, it has been one of the core areas of research on dialog systems. In this paper, we present a dialog state tracker that combines a generative probabilistic
model of dialog state tracking with the recurrent neural network for encoding important aspects of the dialog history. We describe a two-step gradient descent algorithm that optimizes the tracker with a complex loss function. We demonstrate that this approach yields a dialog state tracker that performs competitively with top-performing trackers participated in the first and second Dialog State Tracking Challenges.

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www.dialogue-and-discourse.orgISSN: 2152-9620   Journal doi: 10.5087/dad